People from all over the world were impressed by Mike, by his cycling prowess no doubt but also by his attitude and approach to ultra cycling races and life in general. He was a considered and philosophical individual who felt passionately about an individual's right to autonomy and the powerful, positive impact of adventure and self discovery. Mike was also passionate about travelling by bicycle, using the bike as a primary means of transport no matter how far you wish to travel. He demonstrated throughout the last few years of his life that no matter where you want to go, to work, to the shops, across a continent; you can do it by bike. Having experienced the positive impact self supported adventure had on his own life he wanted to share it with others.

Mike died on 31 March 2017 after being struck by a car, just before dawn, on the Monaro Highway on the outskirts of Canberra during the inaugural Indian Pacific Wheel Race across Australia.

Mike’s legacy is nurtured and preserved by Lost Dot Ltd, a team headed by Anna Haslock who was Mike’s partner for three years and Race Coordinator of the Transcontinental Race from 2014 to 2017. Anna now directs the Transcontinental Race and Trans Pyrenees Race with Race Coordinator Rory Kemper.

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